Composition Pedagogy, definition from GCP: Composition Pedagogy is a body of knowledge consisting of theories of and research on teaching, learning, literacy, writing, and rhetoric, and the related practices that emerge. It is the deliberate integration of theory, research, personal philosophy, and rhetorical praxis into composition instruction at all levels from the daily lesson plan to the writing program and the communities it serves. Composition Pedagogy is an umbrella term like theory, rhetoric, or literacy; it contains much that is worthy of extensive scholarly and practitioner attention, and the more deeply we engage it, the more complex and diverse it becomes–which is why composition pedagogy morphs into composition pedagogies just as literacy becomes literacies (3).

Congratulations, you have made it to the course blog! So begins our collective introduction to and exploration of writing pedagogy. On thisĀ blog, you will find the Course Syllabus (which outlines the course goals and expectations) and theĀ Course Schedule (which outlines when blogs posts, readings, and assignments are due). You will also find information about Assignments (on this main page, you will find more general information–for more detailed assignment descriptions, use the drop down menu for the Assignment Page).


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